Sep 3, 2009

Blog Layouts using my freebie kits and our collab kits

Dear All,

Today afternoon, when I opened my blog, I didn't know why, but suddenly my eyes towards the the Live Traffic Feed box. I scrolled down and again up; there was nothing special...but...hold on! Someone had visited my blog directly from another blog. Without any purpose, I just copied - pasted the link to my web browser. Well, it's a nice blog which belongs to a designer who creates blog layouts, and slowly, I scrolled down to see her beautiful creations. Suddenly, I saw something familiar to me! blog layout was made from my freebie kit!!! I couldn't believe my eyes; I took few seconds to come back to my real world, LOL!

Darabka aka Agi made a blog layout using my portion of our collab kit 'My Secret Garden' and other 3 layouts using my friends' portions as well. Honestly, since I started sharing my freebies, I had thought whether people who downloaded my freebies enjoyed playing with my creations or not as until today nobody left any link to their work created using my freebies, LOL!

I would like to thank Agi ( for her interest to create something from my freebies and putting it up on her blog. She also shares it with whoever wants to download it, all her creations are FREE!

Here are some blog layouts by Agi:

From my freebie kit 'My Secret Garden':

From my freebie kit 'Indonesia Unite':

From my freebie kit 'End of Summer':

From Studio Mama Echa & Pixelily Designs freebie kits 'My Secret Garden':

From Aprilisa Designs freebie kit 'My Secret Garden':

What do you think? Please visit Agi's blog ( and have a look then grab all her beautiful creations! Later on, you will agree with me about one thing: that she is a very creative & talented designer.

Thank you Agi, I really appreciate what you have created using my freebie kits.

Is there anybody else who created something using my freebies (kits, overlays, alpha)? Would you like to share your link with me? If you created something using my freebies and if I still didn't find it until now, it is not because I ignored you, but only it still didn't come to my notice, perhaps I'll find it soon.


  1. I really thank you for sharing your gorgeous kits, it's a pleasure to work with them they are very inspireing!

  2. You are welcome, Agi. It's a pleasure to know someone like you.

  3. Hi Lela, I visited here the other day and said I'd be back to download some of your work. I've downloaded some but with a slow internet connection until my new billing period it's very slow.

    What a buzz for you to see your work used.

    Back later.

  4. Hey, Judy. I thought that it was only me who has Internet connection problems, LOL. Even here, it's very slow and sometimes drops dead when my upload/download was at about 75% to 90% done. But that will not deter our creativity, right?