Dec 31, 2009

I got an Award!

I got my first Award! Woohoo...!

My dear friend, Lisa of Aprilisa Designs, gave me this 'Honest Scrap Award' some time ago. Thank you so much, Lisa, it really means a lot to me!

As a receiver of this Award, there is a 'small rule' that I need to follow: I had to write 10 things about myself in my blog (wow... it was so much fun to do it, though). Well, as a scrapper I scrapped a little; even though, it's not a must to do so, just to make it little different, lol.

Credits: Grass_ittybitty by Three Paper Peonies

And the next thing I got to do is passing this Award to other 9 bloggers. Here are 9 talented and hardworking people, and also, my new friends in scrapbooking community that I would love to have this Award too:

Thank you all for your friendships, kindness and support. Wishing you all a Happy New Year and brighter days in the coming years!!!

Dec 29, 2009

Gallery Standouts!

I'm very happy today. Alhamdulillah....all praises to Almighty God, 2 of my layouts were chosen as Gallery Standouts at this week. I hope it will motivate me to do better... and better... then also better with my layouts next time, here they are:

Created using 'JOY' by Miss Erin's Scraps

Created using 'FLY AWAY' by Pixelily Designs

Thanks for looking and wish you all a wonderful holiday!!!

Dec 23, 2009

JOY - a charity kit from Miss Erin's Scraps

Hi Everyone,

New from Miss Erin’s Scraps-Joy-Proceeds Benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital!

Joy-it’s the true meaning of Christmas. It's about more than presents and goodies, it's about sharing love, friendship and joy with one another. That's where this kit comes in. It celebrates all the wonderful times you will have with your family this holiday season. It comes loaded with over 60 elements and 12 papers. Not only that, but when you purchase this kit, you will be helping someone else at the same time. The proceeds from this kit will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! For a limited time only, you can find this lovely set at Gingerscraps and Daydreamer Designworks.

St. Jude is unlike any other pediatric treatment and research facility. Discoveries made here have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. With research and patient care under one roof, St. Jude is where some of today's most gifted researchers are able to do science more quickly. St. Jude researchers are published and cited more often in high impact publications than any other private pediatric oncology research institution in America. St. Jude is a place where many doctors send some of their sickest patients and toughest cases. A place where cutting-edge research and revolutionary discoveries happen every day. We've built America's second-largest health-care charity so the science never stops. All patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude are treated without regard to the family's ability to pay. To find out how you can do more, visit today!

Wow...this kit is truly beautiful and inspiring! Here are my 2 pages I made using it, but you can make your own pages as many as possible... as this kit gives us so many alternatives:

photo by: Clare Bloomfield

photo by: Janis Gonser

Template : Starlight Paper Shaper by Miss Erin's Scraps

Wait...!!! There is also a wonderful "freebie" from this kit, so please visit Miss Erin’s blog HERE. Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Dec 21, 2009

Fly Away

Hi, Everyone:

Another news about a new kit! This time from my dear friend, Lily of Pixelily Designs, who is releasing her kit 'Fly Away' today, and it's available at Scrapmall, and the good news is, it's 25% off until December 25th; Wow...hope you'll not miss it :-). This lovely kit is a huge one with colorful papers, 45 elements and 1 set alpha too. Here are the previews:

Not only this huge kit, if you purchase this kit, you'll also get 4 QPs free. How is that for freebies? This kit is really inspiring. Here is my page that I created only a few hours ago. Whew! I got info that she released her kit only this morning, and immediately, I opened the files, searched for the right pict, and here it is:

Now...let's talk about freebies! Please visit her blog as she is giving away some cute bragbooks for all of you to 'taste' a little of her new kit. Don't miss them. Have a nice day!

Dec 20, 2009

Little Monsters!

Hi, Everyone:

I joined the fabulous creative team of Un-Leas-ed-Scraps recently, and this my first work using her fantastic kit. Today, her 'LITTLE MONSTERS' kit is released at Ahhh Scrap and GroovyScraps. Little Monsters?!?! Yup...these monsters are cute & sweet...and they like to play with kids! They are not that scary kind of monsters, trust me :-) Please look at the previews below:

Love this kit so has rich colors and very adorable elements. It's the right kit to decorate your kids' photo collection, yes...for sure! I had so much fun when I was making my 2 pages, as shown below:

photos by: Ehsan Namavar

Please visit her blog as she is giving away some cute templates as freebies! Woo...hoo...don't miss them! Have a nice & happy weekend!!!

Dec 14, 2009

Family Ties - Freebie Kit

Hi, Everyone!

We have come to end of the year again! year already passed, and I'm older by 1 more year too!!! LOL! What do you usually do during year-end? Sharing all the happiness with your family, friends, and beloved ones? Well, I think...this time is one of the most fabulous moments in our lives, right?

And, to share our happiness with all of you too, today, we are sharing our monthly collab kit named "Family Ties". This month's host is Aprilisa of Aprilisa Designs. She chose the color scheme that I think really represents the feeling of 'moments in December', and of course relates with family matters too! Here is a peek of what we have made for this collab:

Elements :


And here is my contribution for this month's collab:

and a closer look of the papers:

Sorry, links not available anymore

And, here is a page that has been made by our Host, Lisa, from my own kit. Thank you so much, Lisa, love this fabulous page:

OMG... I just came back from a short holiday this morning, so my mind is half here, and half is still left in the place I visited, LOL!

Please make sure you get all this huge collab kits so visit other girls' blogs who participated for this collab too. Here they are : Aprilisa Designs, Blue Orchid Digiscrap, Pixelily Designs, Tritya Creations, YantiScrap

We do hope that you will have so much fun using our collab kits to decorate your beautiful and lovely photo collection! Thank you so much for visiting our blogs, downloading our kits, and please do not hesitate to share your beautiful pages that you create using our kits here. All of you are welcome to share with us! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Dec 9, 2009

Thankful Kit (and Freebie! )

Hi, Everyone:
How is life going on there? Busy? Excited? For those who are celebrating Christmas, I think this is the most exciting time for you all. After Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas..... shopping, cooking special recipes, cleaning up and decorating the house, gathering with all friends, relatives, or the entire family members also - A looooong holiday just right in front of your eyes. And, the most important thing is to capture all those moments with your camera!

Miss Erin's Scraps is releasing 'Thankful' Kit today. It has soft and lovely colors with so many fabulous elements, 10 beautifully textured papers, also wordarts and labels that you can use to decorate your photo collection, no matter what season it is. Here is a peek:

This kit is available at Gingerscraps and Daydreamer Designworks from today. I think this one is a must to have for your kits collection, and it's 20% off until this Sunday! What a great offer! Here are 2 pages I created from this beautiful kit:

Photo by: Kemizz

Photo by: David Knox

And as usual, this lovely Designer will not leave you without giving 'freebies'. Those cool labels above is free, and please visit her blog HERE to grab it. Thanks for looking and have a nice day!!!

Nov 18, 2009

Freebie - Chocolate Comfort

Hi, Everyone

Today, we are sharing our monthly collab kit again. This time the host is Yanti of Yantiscrap; she chose the color scheme and named it 'Chocolate Comfort'. This collaboration kits were made by 6 Indonesian designers, so it's a huge one. I'm really sorry that I uploaded my contribution late as my connection was down for the last 1 week. Have a peek of what we have made:

And here is my contribution for this collab:

a closer look of the papers:

Sorry, links not available anymore

Below are two pages I made from my kit, as a little inspiration; even though, this time the colors are all brown (monochrome) but you have so many alternatives to create your own pages, just follow your imagination:

photo: Alyssa

photo: Amara & Annisa

Please make sure you visit all other girls' blogs as well to get the complete collab kit. Here they are: Aprilisa Designs, Blue Orchid Digiscrap, Pixelily Designs, Tritya Creations, Yantiscrap. We hope that you will have fun using our kits to decorate your lovely photos. Thank you for looking, visiting our blogs, and for downloading. Have a nice day!!!

Nov 11, 2009

Moonlight Sonata by Miss Erin's Scraps

Hi Everyone,

Here is another beautiful kit from Miss Erin's Scraps 'Moonlight Sonata' released today. This kit has 10 dreamy well-textured papers, 33 unique and romantic elements, and most come in a shadowed version. The color scheme is sweet and soft, so it's the right kit to decorate your special photos that you took during special moments.

This fantastic kit is available from today at Gingerscraps and Daydreamer Designworks for 20% off through Sunday, November 15! And here are 2 pages I made using this lovely and inspiring kit: last...freebie!!! This sweet and cute cluster frame is free and please visit Miss Erin's blog HERE to download it.

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Nov 7, 2009

Gingerscrap's First Ever WORD ON THE STREET Game!

Hi Everyone!

How are you? Hope everything is fine there : )

Well...Gingerscraps with all her talented Designers have a little challenge for you all. Are you up for a little challenge? If so, take a ride on the train and visit all of Gingerscraps' designers' blogs and you will find all the super savings your heart desires! So what are you waiting for? The train starts at Gingerscraps' Store Blog! HERE Please read the details and find the clues there!

Miss Erin's Scraps ( also has special sale at Daydreamer Designworks only , just check it out perhaps you will find what you need there!

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Nov 4, 2009

Just Be You by Miss Erin's Scraps

Hi, Everyone!

Are you looking for a different theme of Kit at this moment? we saw, most of Kits out there have pumpkins in it. If you need something "fresh" so this one is the right choice for you. Miss Erin's Scraps is releasing 'Just Be You' today, to decorate the photos of someone special in your life whether it be your children, your significant other, your mom, your dad, any family member, a best friend, this kit will prove to be versatile for an endless number of occasions!

Included in this fabulous and uniquely colored kit are:
- 28 fabulous elements
- 11 inspiring wordarts in both brown and white
- 1 fun alpha set composed with a font of funky uppers and lowers mixed. Numbers and punctuation included.
- 10 dazzling papers in eye catching textures

Please have a peek of the previews:

Honestly, I really colors & textures!!! This kit is available from today at Gingerscraps and Daydreamer Designworks with 25% off through September 8!!! Wow...great offer!
And, here are 2 little inspirations I made from this beautiful and inspiring kit; I had so much fun doing them : )

Any FREEBIE this time? yes...yes...yes...!!! Please visit Miss Erin's Scraps blog and get this cute Alpha set below free! (and also will be included with product purchase).

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!

Oct 28, 2009

Halloween Town by Miss Erin's Scraps

Hi, Everyone!

It's Halloween Time! Boo...! Boo...! Whoo!!! The most mystical time of year is Halloween and to remember and preserve those memories is like to capture a little piece of magic frozen in time forever. And for this special moment, Miss Erin's Scraps is releasing 'Halloween Town Kit' today. This kit comes with 42 magically spooky elements, including a psd file to make your own digital labels (plain blank label in png format also included), but keep reading because she is giving it away as a freebie, OK for commercial use! Also included are 14 fun papers in bright solids, silly patterns, and even one scene page!

That's not all..., there is Alpha set as well! It comes in upper and lowercase, including numbers, punctuation, and even a couple European accent symbols added on request! What a huge & complete kit, and I really adore her designs & colors that work nicely on this kit. Here are the previews of all I have told you above:

This amazing kit is available at Gingerscraps and Daydreamer Designworks for 25% off through Sunday, Nov. 1st! What a great deal, isn't it? And here are 2 pages I created using this kit, but I'm sure that you can create your own pages, as many as you want. This kit is really inspiring and gives you alternatives, just follow your imagination!

Credit: photo by Morca

Credit: photo by Fotouczniak

Now, let's talk about the freebies! I love freebies!!! Who doesn't? Ha..ha..ha... honestly...YES! How about you? Here is the clue what you will get this time from this lovely Designer:

2 free Quickpages

1 free Word Art set

1 free CU-OK Label Maker

1 free Blog Skin's really a special moment with all these freebies! Please feel free to grab them from Miss Erin's Scraps' blog HERE. She also invites you to come trick or treating to her blog the rest of this week for an opportunity to win the entire kit for free! It's simple, everyday of this week until Friday, she will give you part of a riddle. After Friday, if you know the answer, email it to her. The contest will end the following Monday where the answer and the winners will be revealed by her on her blog! Please find the details on her blog.

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Oct 16, 2009

I Do Believe in Fairies by Miss Erin's Scraps

Hi, Everyone!

Today Miss Erin's Scraps is releasing her new kit 'I Do Believe in Fairies' with 18 papers and over 60 elements. This one is the right choice for your lil girls as you can decorate her photos with Tinkerbell and other fairy things! Have a look at the preview:

This kit is really fabulous and inspiring ... with great colors! It's available at Daydreamer Designworks from today (Friday) and is 25% off for the entire weekend, wooohooo!!!

Here are 2 pages I made using this kit:

credit: photo by Rotorhead

credit: photo by Tony Hathcock

And here is other news...FREEBIE! There is a free QP and the labels from the kit for you to play with. You can grab it from Miss Erin's blog HERE. Please have a peek:

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!