Oct 28, 2009

Halloween Town by Miss Erin's Scraps

Hi, Everyone!

It's Halloween Time! Boo...! Boo...! Whoo!!! The most mystical time of year is Halloween and to remember and preserve those memories is like to capture a little piece of magic frozen in time forever. And for this special moment, Miss Erin's Scraps is releasing 'Halloween Town Kit' today. This kit comes with 42 magically spooky elements, including a psd file to make your own digital labels (plain blank label in png format also included), but keep reading because she is giving it away as a freebie, OK for commercial use! Also included are 14 fun papers in bright solids, silly patterns, and even one scene page!

That's not all..., there is Alpha set as well! It comes in upper and lowercase, including numbers, punctuation, and even a couple European accent symbols added on request! What a huge & complete kit, and I really adore her designs & colors that work nicely on this kit. Here are the previews of all I have told you above:

This amazing kit is available at Gingerscraps and Daydreamer Designworks for 25% off through Sunday, Nov. 1st! What a great deal, isn't it? And here are 2 pages I created using this kit, but I'm sure that you can create your own pages, as many as you want. This kit is really inspiring and gives you alternatives, just follow your imagination!

Credit: photo by Morca

Credit: photo by Fotouczniak

Now, let's talk about the freebies! I love freebies!!! Who doesn't? Ha..ha..ha... honestly...YES! How about you? Here is the clue what you will get this time from this lovely Designer:

2 free Quickpages

1 free Word Art set

1 free CU-OK Label Maker

1 free Blog Skin

Wow...it's really a special moment with all these freebies! Please feel free to grab them from Miss Erin's Scraps' blog HERE. She also invites you to come trick or treating to her blog the rest of this week for an opportunity to win the entire kit for free! It's simple, everyday of this week until Friday, she will give you part of a riddle. After Friday, if you know the answer, email it to her. The contest will end the following Monday where the answer and the winners will be revealed by her on her blog! Please find the details on her blog.

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Oct 16, 2009

I Do Believe in Fairies by Miss Erin's Scraps

Hi, Everyone!

Today Miss Erin's Scraps is releasing her new kit 'I Do Believe in Fairies' with 18 papers and over 60 elements. This one is the right choice for your lil girls as you can decorate her photos with Tinkerbell and other fairy things! Have a look at the preview:

This kit is really fabulous and inspiring ... with great colors! It's available at Daydreamer Designworks from today (Friday) and is 25% off for the entire weekend, wooohooo!!!

Here are 2 pages I made using this kit:

credit: photo by Rotorhead

credit: photo by Tony Hathcock

And here is other news...FREEBIE! There is a free QP and the labels from the kit for you to play with. You can grab it from Miss Erin's blog HERE. Please have a peek:

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Oct 15, 2009

Freebie - Calming Down collab kit

Hi, Everyone!

It's time to share our monthly collab kit again. This time the host is Wiwit of Blue Orchid Digiscrap, and the theme she chose is 'Calming Down' with soft colors...but don't worry it will suit all your photos. Our friend, Studio Mamaecha, couldn't participate this month, but this collab kit is still a huge one with so many papers & elements that were created by 6 Indonesian designers.
Here are the previews:

And here is my contribution for this collab:

a closer look of the papers:

Sorry, links not available anymore

And here my page using my kit, as a little inspiration:

credit: photo by Amiyami aka Helmi RS

To get the complete collab kit, please visit other girls' blogs, here they are who participated:

Blue Orchid Digiscrap, Aprilisa Designs, Pixelily Designs, Tritya Creations, and Yanti Scrap.

Thank you for visiting our blogs, and we hope that you have fun decorating your photos by using our kits. Don't forget to come back next week, as we may have other surprise for you. Have a nice day!

Oct 13, 2009

Coming soon...don't miss it!

Here is a peek of October's surprise......

Oct 9, 2009

Fall{ing} 4 You Kit by Miss Erin's Scraps & Freebie

Hi, Everyone;

Fall is everywhere now; it's lovely as colourful things are around us and wonderful moments to capture with your camera. So, don't miss it, take as many as pictures of your kids, hubby, other family members and your beloved ones.

To celebrate this magical time, Miss Erin's Scraps is releasing a new kit today 'Fall{ing} 4 You'. This kit has a fun color pallette with lots of whimsical and fun elements. Lots of swirlies and leaves and even glitter for the sparkle divas out there! With over 58 elements and a whopping 20 papers.
Please have a peek at the previews below :
Here is a closer look of what you will find in this fabulous kit:

Then ... 2 pages that I created using this kit:

This kit is a huge one with so many papers & elements that give you alternatives to create your own pages as many as possible. And, some elements have felt texture as well. It is available at Daydreamer Designworks from today and 25% off!!! What a great deal, isn't it?

It's not over yet...Miss Erin is giving away a FREEBIE along with this kit! It's a free Blog Skin! Look at this :

It is sized 1024x768 and works with the minima template for blogger 2.0. The header is 660 px wide and you can pop your own pic in and add your own title! And here is her tutorial on how to use it for your blog:

"If you have never edited the html of your blog before, changing the background is very easy-upload your blog background to an image hosting site like tinypic and then under "edit html" in the layout section of bloggerlook for this code..

body { background:$bgcolor;

And add this after it...

background-image: url(insert the direct url to your image here);background-position: stretch;background-repeat: fixed;background-attachment: no-scroll;

You can change that no-scroll part to scroll to make your page scroll with the text, but this skin that I made does not have a seamless pattern so that might look funny!"

It's easy and simple, right? It's a must to try... and you can get it HERE. Visit Miss Erin's Scraps and each week, she will pick a random winner from whoever has commented on her blog posts to win a free kit. Have a nice day!

Oct 2, 2009

In The Land Of Dreams Kit by TrityaCreations

Hi Everyone,

Today my Indonesian designer friend, TrityaCreations, is releasing her new kit, still 'fresh from the oven', lol. She named it 'In The Land Of Dreams', which has fantasy style and it's suitable for the entire family members' photos.

It has beautiful colors and designs and the one you can srap with, easily. It's my very first time to become TrityaCreations' CT, and within 1 hour I made 2 pages from this fab kit. This Kit is available at Scrapswithamouse, Scrapmall, and then soon at Sugarmamascraps. Please have a look at the preview below :

How is it? By seeing this, our imaginations go to the fantasy world, do you agree with me?

And here are 2 pages I created using this fab kit:

Please visit the shoppes where it is available, and don't miss it. Ops..... (it's a secret and do not tell anybody else....) pls visit TrityaCreations' blog next week, she may have a surprise for you! Thank you for looking and have a nice day!

Pages using my Kit freebies

Hi, Everyone

How are you? The climate in Bangalore dropped since 4 days. I can hardly see the Sun these days and the breeze is so cold - brrrrrr. The sky is grey... and it rained everyday since 2 weeks ago, wet...wet...wet...everywhere, the grass in my garden grew faster & faster everyday, lol. It means another work for me! With this kind of climate, it's time to drink lot of hot choco or Indian tea to keep my body warm, but I'm really missing 'bakso' and 'mie ayam' Indonesian food. Well...it's made from meat-ball, noodle, tomato - chilli sauce, soya sauce and with soup...aaah...... Oh boy! I should come back to the real world before my mouth starts watering more.
One day I received an email from Christine Martin sharing that she has made a page using my papers from 'Funky Mama kit' to decorate her cute daughter's photos and she linked my blog to one digiscrap site. What a nice lady! Thank you so much, Christine; I really appreciate it. Here is what she has created :

It's a sweet page showing her cute little daugher with her fave dolls. What a lovely moment! And that 'Hakuna Matata' title! awww... that's one of my fave, too, with Timon & Pumba!

Another page is also here, this one was created by Chrystale Dream using my Indonesia Unite kit. One day, I saw her footprint that she left on my feedjit box, LOL. Then, I opened her blog, it's sooo beautiful, full of red color, I think her fave color. When I scrolled down, ooohhh....she has fab pages there as well; all are amazing. Here is what she created from my kit:

It's an adorable page! Thanks so much, Chrystale, I really appreciate it!

Does anybody else want to share their creations here? I will really welcome them. Have a nice day!