Oct 2, 2009

Pages using my Kit freebies

Hi, Everyone

How are you? The climate in Bangalore dropped since 4 days. I can hardly see the Sun these days and the breeze is so cold - brrrrrr. The sky is grey... and it rained everyday since 2 weeks ago, wet...wet...wet...everywhere, the grass in my garden grew faster & faster everyday, lol. It means another work for me! With this kind of climate, it's time to drink lot of hot choco or Indian tea to keep my body warm, but I'm really missing 'bakso' and 'mie ayam' Indonesian food. Well...it's made from meat-ball, noodle, tomato - chilli sauce, soya sauce and with soup...aaah...... Oh boy! I should come back to the real world before my mouth starts watering more.
One day I received an email from Christine Martin sharing that she has made a page using my papers from 'Funky Mama kit' to decorate her cute daughter's photos and she linked my blog to one digiscrap site. What a nice lady! Thank you so much, Christine; I really appreciate it. Here is what she has created :

It's a sweet page showing her cute little daugher with her fave dolls. What a lovely moment! And that 'Hakuna Matata' title! awww... that's one of my fave, too, with Timon & Pumba!

Another page is also here, this one was created by Chrystale Dream using my Indonesia Unite kit. One day, I saw her footprint that she left on my feedjit box, LOL. Then, I opened her blog, it's sooo beautiful, full of red color, I think her fave color. When I scrolled down, ooohhh....she has fab pages there as well; all are amazing. Here is what she created from my kit:

It's an adorable page! Thanks so much, Chrystale, I really appreciate it!

Does anybody else want to share their creations here? I will really welcome them. Have a nice day!


  1. I'm glad you like the page. Pumba is one of my fav characters too :) I have also started my own blog now minorscraps.desertflood.com

  2. Hi Christine, congratulation for your new blog! Yay...can't wait to visit it soon!